Vaderstad Carrier XL 525 v 1.0 1

Credits: STV-modding (creator of the model) Modding and Pictures by Lantzz (Reskin to Väderstad)

Volvo FH 2012 Dyce Carriers Ltd. Skin

Credits: Truck: scs, Ohaha (Pendragon), Skin: RedLion

Single Car Trailer v 1.0 1

Credits: BNB Modding, UNKOWN Modding

Lawn care set v 2.0 [MP] 1

Credits: Replay Gaming, CoolBeans, PaddyZunke


*UPDATED FOR ATS 1.3* Modified Nascar Trailer , Dale Earnhardt Sr. Description: This is The…

Opel Astra F Caravan 1.7 TD Club v 4.0 [SP] 1

Credits: Corsa D Fahrer, Modall, 3d Modell: Christian 2002