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AI Traffic model cranetruck with smoke, beacon & 3 color variants. Model 3D by RoadHunter…

Kamaz Crane Pack v 1.0 1

Credits: Pummelboer/MHD ,Sveni ,Eraevgenij, kto-totutzdes

AI Traffic cranetruck

Credits: Solaris36, RoadHunter

Credits: Author 3d-model: MODALL Conversion LS15: MODALL Scripts: Sven777b Firemen He Bauer: Kirmesfreak_LP

ACTROS 8x4 with a crane

This is a dump truck with a crane! Stabilize it with crutches control Kp 4-6-2-8…

Mammoet crane v

Modell: Umbau: Mod-for-all (pcspast) Ursprungs Modell: Gallerie Textur:mrgrisu Ingame:Mod-for-all Funktionen:Mod-for-all Download:

Weimar crane T 174-2

Sun here rnun the improved version, the old con me … well … Now I’ve…