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Rural Life Map Edit DLC2

This is a good Medium sized map with good sized fields, gravel roads, paved roads, cows, a river, mud holes, Original Fruits and 2 farms one for your equipment and the other to sell...

serkowo 0


Credits: Serkowo v3 by massey Original Map: ??? New Grain Ramp and Sheeds Balle Shreder More Mud Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/126494392/708076f/serkowo.zip.html


DDF V2 by Senator203

Description: Danish Dairy Farms V1 by Bindespoel Danish Dairy Farms V2 by Senator203 New in the V2: -Lots of mud -Lots of seeded maize fields -New verkauf silo The map is MultiPlayerReady Credits: V1...


FarmLand v3

Description: Thanks to:K87eik for Road Signs Zippo for Brigde,mud and Fa1 Tree Badziu For Village Sign Authors of T.s.z Map for Hazak Mj31 for wiatamaszyny wohlstandskind for Road Set Edit: jd6930 Download: FarmLand v3...


NH TM155 with FL

Description: Features 3 cameras, outdoor, indoor and one on the roof for fieldwork and reversing, Twin Flashers, horn. It also has front linkage and a weight, you have to change which one is visible...