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Energy Combine Pack

3 combines re-skinned red bull, monster and rockstar all the combines have matching headers tank-25000 FruitTypes=wheat,rape,maize,barley,oat,rice,sunflower,mohn,rye and grass. Credits: skin of the combines and of the headers and AP-joker83 headers by meistro, converted by...


John Deere 9750 STS v1.2

Model Body: MySQly Model Wheels/Pipe: Knagsted Scripts: Giants,RaFa (RafaelZanella),Sven777b,SFM-Modding,Manuel Leithner,Templaer,Knagsted Model Ladder/Grain extend tank/Grain Planes: RaFa (RafaelZanella) Edit1: OhioFarmer Edit2/fixed/New scripts – Final: RaFa (RafaelZanella) Sounds: RaFa (RafaelZanella) Download: