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Schmitz Cargobull

Download: http://ul.to/kez2e38p http://uploading.com/files/m11ba7f4/New%2BSchmitz.rar/


Scania 124L SFS Selonik

SFS Bale Trailer edit & ingame: hz888 skin-freightliner reskin: Siddo SFS Scania 3D Models/Textury:SheriO, Orzech, wombat, selonik Konvertatsiya/programirovaniya: InGame: sanya1970, selonik Reskin: Siddo SFS Cargobull Model 3D Models/Textury Mr.Pawel, selonik by: EED 123 Modification:...


Eddies Farm

This is the 2nd map i have uploaded, it is a smaller map, with plenty to do, ideal for single player, but will work multiplayer.There is 1 farm 5 sell points, cattle and dairy,...