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Fire Department ELW

The car is a fire Feuerwehrelw (fire command vehicles) Features: Blue light Siren Light Modell: claas-arion Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/129111106/6e776bc/Feuerwehrelw.zip.html


Claas C540

Here the Claas C540 It has the following specials Washable Indicators (Num 1-2-3) Superimposable Warntarfeln (key 9) Ls2009: Speedy SC197 Ls2011: usxi7sd Modifikation: Nsze1423 (Freigabe liegt vor) Danke an Nubsi Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/128895783/2ecbff5/Claas_SW_C540.zip.html