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Ledgeview Dairy Farm

Welcome to Ledgeview Farm, a small dairy farm in scenic Maine, USA.  This map is based on small-scale dairy farming, and most of the fields are small-medium sized: hay, corn and pastures for the...



part 1: length: 20m width:  1,2m height: 0,3m part 2: length: 10m width:  1,2m height: 0,3m part 3: length: 5,0m width:  1,2m height: 0,3m part 4: (corner part in 90°) =) length: 1,2 width:...


Zuidwestfriesland V1.1

This map is based on the Southwest corner of Friesland. I tried to make this landscape and atmosphere of Friesland across. I spent a half year making this map. I hope this was worth...