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Rural Life Map Edit DLC2

This is a good Medium sized map with good sized fields, gravel roads, paved roads, cows, a river, mud holes, Original Fruits and 2 farms one for your equipment and the other to sell...


FarmLand V4.1 Norwegian Edit

This is my second Edit of Mihay92’s FarmLand. Now ive edited the map so it’s supposed to look like the norwegian agriculture. New farm. New Brewery(Felleskjøpet) Iv’e also removed many trees, so it’s easier...


MAZ 5549

Carrying cultures: wheat barley rape maize sunflower rye grass silage. Added scripts: tueren, unisound. Capacity: 10 tonns. Has opening doors. Doors opens with M, N. Max speed ~ 50 km/h. Great truck for small...