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UE Paradise v2

Here it is, UE Paradise v2.0. It still is simple map (just wheat, barley, rape, forage and bales) with Finland related landscapes and lot of abandoned buildings – most of them based on real...


Mullis V1

Now you can feel the farming taken to extreme level in school atmosphere! My newest map takes place in Finland in an agricultural schoolfarm. FEATURES: – Supported fruits: Barley, Wheat, Rape, Oat, Rye –...


Finnish Countryside

Small, light and simple Finland-like map. Again every building is based on real ones in Southern Finland. More information and images can be found here: Credits: Wolfheart (aka Peelo) Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/121455790/34fe667/Finnishcountryside.zip.html

Soraharju Map [MP-Ready] 0

Soraharju Map [MP-Ready]

  Description: This is my newest map from Finland. Big thanks: – Venom for buildings – Masa for video and other things (2%) Enjoy! Credits: Map: Kartturi = Farming Noob Help: Mattimies_ Download: Soraharju...


FinFarm V2

Description: Enchanted version and probably the last version of the map. Now with ultimate farming experience to satisfy the needs of every farmer! The map has gotten influence from the western parts of Finland...