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Transall V2 (airplane)

Hi, this is the V2 of the Transall, now with new gear and propellers animirten … (Yes, you can fly it)! (now with speed information)! control: Key 8: propeller turn on / off Numpad...


Halle Mit Schiebetoren

Credits: UrModell: Giants Modell Neuauflage: meistro Textur: meistro Ingame: meistro & fly-master Script: modding-society Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/128094124/acb4223/Halle02.rar.html


Annaburger HTS22.12

Description: Modell/Textur: xandl1/fly-master Ingame/Script: SFM-Modding/xandl1 Download: Annaburger HTS22.12 [Hotfile.com] Download: Annaburger HTS22.12 [Uploading.com]