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Banjo Farms

FMC – Freelance Modding Crew for their gates, great job on those ya’ll. FMC  for the MultiFruitLayer Installer, sure makes it faster to put trees on the map FMC for the Parsnip, makes it...


Angarrack Farm V1

Bucrakable silage pits (Rise’s/falls) Paintable Tree Add-ons. (Thanks DOCTORHILTI) 2 Farm Yards. One Main one kind of outfarm. 1 Barley Field, 1 Cultivated Field. The rest are Grass Working Cow Zone, no milk truck...


Jolly Farmers

Changelog : barndoors fixed memory usage reduced MAKE SURE YOU CAN USE YOUR FULL MEMORY. You have to edit your GAME.EXE simply use NTCores 4GB patch, available here. http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php JollyFarm V2 is the new...