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Drawbridge with function v 1.0

credits: GIANTS Basic model of http://sketchup.google.com bridge Wolthusen Models: Wennzel, PARTcommunity Signs of: optimized heater LS13 by: Hirntot2.0 zugschranke.lua by Sven777b Other parts of: Whoever finds something, please report.


More Realistic Houle 6100

Description Frasercow‘s Houle 6100 has now been converted to work with Dural’s More Realistic Mod. The slurry tanker originally appeared in Frasercow‘s Houle Tanker pack and has been converted with kind permissions. The original...


Sign function for a BGA Mapper v 1.0

Hey, Just got my shield of the BGA found and wanted to ask you once ready. I think the modders among you can use it to do something. This is not placeable Mod, and...