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New Holland Weight 900kg

This is a heavy weight of 900kg. In addition, it has a towbar on the front of weight to pull trailers as Modell: Gimli, Markus Meistro Ingame: Sheldon Zusatzscript: Headshot-XXL (Heady) Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/129704212/e437bcb/New_Holland_Gewicht900.zip.html


New Holland TX65 Pack (MP-ready)

Description: New Holland TX 65 (MP-ready): Model: Gimli InGame: Sheldon Konverter: Landi_fan, tobsel88 Edit: Horus New Holland Schneidwerk: Model: Gimli InGame: Sheldon Konverter: Landi_fan New Holland Conspeed 8-75 FC Modell: shangri66 Script: Chrisp267 Textur:...