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Fendt Vario 933 Profi Plus

Seat Suspension Indicators Leaves mudd on road Opening Window And Doors Manule Ignition (Numpad Enter) Optional Rear Duel Wheels Optional Rront Dule Wheels AI Tractor Operating Hours ES Limiter Honk Realistic Internal Sound Realistic...


SAME Leopard 85 Export & 90 Turbo – Red Line

Scripts: motorized, steerable, hirable, aiTractor, ESLimiter, operatingHours, gasLimiter, manualIgnition, honk, Movimento, passenger, cabSAME, beleuchtung, interactiveControl, interactiveButtons, interactiveWindows, Traction4x4. Credits: Model: Lovetractor Textures: Lovetractor Ingame: Lovetractor Sounds: Lovetractor Scripts: SFM Modding, Ago – Systemtech, Harley,...


Massey Ferguson Challenger (Edited)

Description: ESLimiter – page up/down Beacon – HOME Honk – 0(é) Work Light – L Credits: Model and textur: balogh2003 Convert: Zippo edit LS2011: Martin94 Download: Massey Ferguson Challenger (Edited) [Hotfile.com] Download: Massey Ferguson...