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John Deere 7810 EDIT fix v1.2

Original Authors: – Templaer und Wohlstandskind Additional Authors: – Russ (www.ls-uk.info) – Converted mod to FS 2011 and added additional functionality – Sven777b – Beleuchtung v3 – Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding) – ControlPanelAttacher, ESLimiter, InteractiveButtons,...


Claas 850

the claas 850 is processed man noticed it only while driving is otherwise the same as always, it accelerates faster and it is still the version v 2.0 dafon where I found the cabin...


NewHolland 9060T Quadtrac

NewHolland 9060T Quadtrac Features: Fully Animated joint Joint with sound Top Speed: 35 km /h Three-point suspension lifted and lowered ESLimiter Price in shop: 32 450 Fuel capacity: 1170 liters Max power: 410kW !...