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Seasons Mod

WELL, Here is the HIGHLY SECRET PROJECT that the scripters of AE have been workin for awhile!! We have created a seasons script, this mod will start in spring(planting season) go into summer (watch...


Farming Simulator 2011 Map

-Edited from the Original Map -Varied terrain and a lot of fields of different sizes -In addition to the original grain: Cotton, Greenwheat, Potato, Soybean, Sugarbeet and Sunflower -All cereals own silos -2 Sale...


[NKB-modding] grass texture

Have times the grass texture from Demolition Company brought in the Ls and the mowing, wilting, and the Schwadtexturen to adapt. Credits & Acknowledgements Grass Texture: Giants Mowing, and wilting Schwadtexturen: Giants / Michi...


Case Deutz Fendt FPS Farmers

Installation: unrar and copy files of “C:\Program Files\Farming Simulator 2011\data\character\farmer” files are replaced. Credits: Giorgio jds-bully Download: .rar


Farmer Scins

Installation: unrar and copy files in “C:\Program Files\Farming Simulator 2011\data\character” with replacement. Credits: gigants skin jds bully Download: .rar


Cleaner Skin for the Warehouses

Description: Here’s a Cleaner skin for the LS 11 warehouses for you! Pictures: Installation: Unpack the Zip Archiv and put the dds file (warehouse_diffuse.dds)in the folder Farming–Simulator 2011/data/maps/models/buildings/warehouse. Replace it. Have fun:-P Credits: Skinner:...


Large Nuclear Trailer for ETS

Introduction: Large Nuclear Trailer for ETS Installation: Put scs file into your mod folder. pls don’t put too many mods in mod folder at the same time. because if two or more mods replace...


Volvo FH16 580 fixed version for GTS

Introduction: Volvo FH16 580 for GTS Installation: Put scs file into your mod folder. Fixed by hjm Credits: Modified by hjm Download: volvo_fh16_580_fixed_by_hjm.rar (5.81 MB)