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Seasons Mod

WELL, Here is the HIGHLY SECRET PROJECT that the scripters of AE have been workin for awhile!! We have created a seasons script, this mod will start in spring(planting season) go into summer (watch...


Farming Simulator 2011 Map

-Edited from the Original Map -Varied terrain and a lot of fields of different sizes -In addition to the original grain: Cotton, Greenwheat, Potato, Soybean, Sugarbeet and Sunflower -All cereals own silos -2 Sale...


[NKB-modding] grass texture

Have times the grass texture from Demolition Company brought in the Ls and the mowing, wilting, and the Schwadtexturen to adapt. Credits & Acknowledgements Grass Texture: Giants Mowing, and wilting Schwadtexturen: Giants / Michi...


Case Deutz Fendt FPS Farmers

Installation: unrar and copy files of “C:\Program Files\Farming Simulator 2011\data\character\farmer” files are replaced. Credits: Giorgio jds-bully Download: .rar


Farmer Scins

Installation: unrar and copy files in “C:\Program Files\Farming Simulator 2011\data\character” with replacement. Credits: gigants skin jds bully Download: .rar


Cleaner Skin for the Warehouses

Description: Here’s a Cleaner skin for the LS 11 warehouses for you! Pictures: Installation: Unpack the Zip Archiv and put the dds file (warehouse_diffuse.dds)in the folder Farming–Simulator 2011/data/maps/models/buildings/warehouse. Replace it. Have fun:-P Credits: Skinner:...


Volvo FH16 580 fixed version for GTS

Introduction: Volvo FH16 580 for GTS Installation: Put scs file into your mod folder. Fixed by hjm Credits: Modified by hjm Download: volvo_fh16_580_fixed_by_hjm.rar (5.81 MB)