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Bulldozer T-130

Description: 3D models: from game “STALKER” Scripts and Inngame: Sanyaolhanka Download: Bulldozer T-130 [Hotfile.com] Download: Bulldozer T-130 [Letitbit.net]


T-150K (New Version)

Description: 3D Models/Textures: Andryuha Converting/programing: Sanyaolhanka Edit:by MAC Download: T-150K (New Version) [Hotfile.com] Download: T-150K (New Version) [Letitbit.net]

Fendt 9460 Black Beauty 0

Fendt 9460 Black Beauty

Description: Credits go to IHC Fan for the texture. Special edition BB version of the Fendt combine. Download: Fendt 9460 Black Beauty [Hotfile.com] Download: Fendt 9460 Black Beauty [Letitbit.net]


New Skin Grass

Description: by korn82 Copy the folder foliage to your C:\Programme\Landwirtschafts–Simulator 2009\data\maps\textures and overwrite it Warning: restore your original foliage folder if you want the old textures back. Download: New Skin Grass [Hotfile.com] Download: New...