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PembroFarm v2

Map – Taz 5 Base for map and Edits – Russ, Matt390t big edit- will silage pit- geertyb0y Buildings – LS-UK Modteam and Deutz-fahr-uk, mf6160, Farmer54, Dylanalcornlawd, Dealers-Andrew stanford Tested By- Farmer54 and me...


high grounds farm

                    start Map-pfreek lowgrounds farm-mounsey01 Farm Animals v1.0-Maxter Farm Animals v1.2-Maxter Farm Animals v1.4-Maxter buildings- LS-UK Modteam/ALS/geertyb0y objects-LS-UK Modteam/duetz fahr uk Download: http://ul.to/n4pwr7vg


Frisky\’s Farm V5

                            New Farmhouse Cytrus & Jincheng Power poles Cables dodo27 British Hay/StrawshedModel: Farmerl Texture: Farmerl Ingame: Farmerl Thanks goes out to...



                    Original map: Bayn – TSF3 Modding Converted by: LS portal Italy Team Converted to LS11 By: Swissmade troll711 for bale and grain selling shed....


HillHead Farm

Sheds- LS-UK Modteam Silage Pit – McGill2009 Gate’s and Diesel Tank- Deutz Fahr Uk Silage Plain- MONEYMAN Grass Texture- Bociek & the PolishMods team Hedges- Dennis Busch Walls- Matt390T Earnvale Tractors Dealership- Andrew Stanford...


[modcontest] Bulk Handling Kit

                      The LS–UK Modteam (alwyn, henly20, nishma, peterj, rh, sam123) Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/136302920/57be8f8/GIANTSContest2011_Bulk_Handling_Kit.zip.html


Claas Xerion 3800 v1.0 Mod

D Model/texture/LS model: KsatriaHU Scripts: Templaer, FIAT80-90DT, Manuel Leithner, Headshot XXL, Skinner SRS 2012: haselhorst Download: http://ul.to/7akni77y http://hotfile.com/dl/136126690/c587c6c/Claas_Xerion_3800.zip.html