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Machine shed

This is a map objekt , a machine shed that you can insert to your map with Giants Editor. The shed got a area of 30×15 meters. Credits: Model: John Magne Øgreid Ingame: Jan...


Round Bale Cutter

This is a map objekt that you can insert with giants editor. Credits: Model : John Magne Øgreid Ingame : Jan Gaute Handeland Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?oqgqv08o2nbpwp4 http://www.sendspace.com/file/kr06hg


Woodhouse Farm_EDIT

start Map-pfreek Woodhouse farm-mounsey01 Farm Animals v1.0-Maxter Farm Animals v1.2-Maxter Farm Animals v1.4-Maxter buildings- LS-UK Modteam objects-LS-UK Modteam Editer: Magne14 Download: http://ul.to/tpsvscnv