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Rural Life Map Edit DLC2

This is a good Medium sized map with good sized fields, gravel roads, paved roads, cows, a river, mud holes, Original Fruits and 2 farms one for your equipment and the other to sell...


My Free Farm

American Style Red Barn:troll711 Large American Style Barn:troll711 US Red Roofed Barn: sandgroper Old windmill: bitten Plastic Fencing: sandgroper 5 Strand Wire and Wooden Post Fencing Kit V1.1: sandgroper Road pack: goldpower600 Water Collection,...



Textures. Grass – Bociek & the PolishMods team. Maize & Rape – Bjorny Gravel..ect – Pye_266. New plowing Texture – melfoy Mods Low polly Trees – Vanilleeis CattleShed – Marjars31 Stodolaby – Kosa, Texture-Pye_266....