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Multi-Fruit trailer

This is a nice Multi-Fruit trailer. This trailer have Bel.3.1 script, plane, is washable and has nice dust-tracks. Loadable Fruits are: Standard+ Chaff Grass Dung Sunflower Sugarbeet Potato Cotton Soybean Greenwheat Oat Rye Sand...


SFS Grain Transport

S FS Scania Final Version 3D Models/Textury:SheriO, Orzech, wombat, selonik Konvertatsiya/programirovaniya: InGame: sanya1970, selonik MP Fix: simon11b Reskin: Siddo SFS Multi Fruit Trailer Urmodell HilkenHI34000MK: Arnold script: fruktor Umbau zum Sattelauflieger: Kyosho Reskin: Siddo...


Farmers Dream X4

What will finally come to those good … After 6 months of construction, a few setbacks and a number of new beginnings, it is now so far. If you own something, traverses’s last stop!...