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IHC 1055

This, on request from the adjuster of the first models of this tractor we have improved it a bit. Were made because the rear hydraulic lift arms had they not, the wings were closed...


Farming Simulator 2011 Map

-Edited from the Original Map -Varied terrain and a lot of fields of different sizes -In addition to the original grain: Cotton, Greenwheat, Potato, Soybean, Sugarbeet and Sunflower -All cereals own silos -2 Sale...


IHC 844-S Package Mod

In diesem Package sind folgende Varianten enthalten. IHC 844-S IHC 844-S mit Stoll Industriefrontlader IHC 844-S mit altem Stoll Frontlader IHC 844-AS IHC 844-AS mit Stoll Industriefrontlader IHC 844-AS mit altem Stoll Frontlader Folgende...