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Mining Map 2012 v1.5

In this map you can drive around a mine and view the nice scenery and detail. This map contains the original map fruits and its not a map for farming and there are no...


Mining Map 2012

In this map you can drive around a mine and view the nice scenery and detail. This is my first uploaded map and I will say its not my best. This map contains the...



Credits: Model:Agromet In game: Bociek Script: fruktor, sven777b, Burner www.polishmods.ubf.pl Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/127143337/622a19e/Autosan1967H.zip.html


Ursus 1014 TUR

Credits: Model: Agromet LS 2009: Agromet LS 2011: BOCIEK www.polishmods.ubf.pl Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/127142788/fbe2032/URSUS1014.zip.html


Ursus 4512 TUR

Creditss: Ciagnik rolniczy URSUS 4512, z nowsza maska + script Model: Agromet Programowanie: Bociek Edit:dawid4141 http://polandlsmods.dbv.pl www.polishmods.ubf.pl Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/127141957/5b7fc0b/URSUS4512new_tur.zip.html


Ursus 3512

[b]Credits:[/b] Model:Agromet Programowanie:Bociek Skin,LS11:Proxim www.polishmods.ubf.pl i www.ls-forum.pl Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/126775800/34c7045/Ursus_3512.zip.html


Ursus 1224

Credits: Ciagnik rolniczy URSUS 1224 Nie znam autora !!! dzwieki,edycja,skin,tur i kogot : kaziklsfan www.polishmods.VGH.pliagnik rolniczy URSUS 4514, bez scriptu! Model: Agromet Programowanie: Bociek www.polishmods.ubf.pl Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/126773134/d4e4b0a/ursus1224.zip.html


Ursus c360 v 1 yellow + FL

Credits: Ciagnik rolniczy URSUS C-360, Model:Perkins Programowanie: Bociek Edycja: Krzysiek1105 www.landwirtschafts.xaa.pl www.polishmods.ubf.pl Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/126218416/a82c272/C360oldTUR.zip.html


Ursus 912 pack

Credits: Model:Agromet Programowanie: Bociek Tekstury/poprawki: Bociek www.polishmods.ubf.pl Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/125128641/6177d69/Ursus_912_pack_wypakuj.rar.html