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More Realistic Houle 6100

Description Frasercow‘s Houle 6100 has now been converted to work with Dural’s More Realistic Mod. The slurry tanker originally appeared in Frasercow‘s Houle Tanker pack and has been converted with kind permissions. The original...


AW 10 Ton Trailer

Here is a 10 ton monocoque AW trailer. It includes: Fully Functional Lights Hydraulic Tipping Standard Hydraulic Tailboard Tweaked Specifications Detailed Model Realistic Scale It accepts: Maize, Wheat, Barely, Dung, Canola Capacity: 11,500 Thanks...


Fendt Vario 933 Profi Plus

Seat Suspension Indicators Leaves mudd on road Opening Window And Doors Manule Ignition (Numpad Enter) Optional Rear Duel Wheels Optional Rront Dule Wheels AI Tractor Operating Hours ES Limiter Honk Realistic Internal Sound Realistic...