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7930 rowcrop with saddle

All credits go to MF390 / Lukas Guhl for the 7930 and Knagsted for the wheels I used off of his 8400.  And also the original creator of the greenstar 1800 display. Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/135693620/badc915/GIANTSContest2011_JohnDeere7930v5rowcropsaddletanks2.zip.html


CLAAS Xerion Saddle Track + Accessories

Description: By: Rjak Xerion: Modell:Mev01, Templair,Acid_Burn84, MxY.rlp, sven18koehler, Blackzeus, Pumaonegollo, LSFarmer Ingame 09: Jack85 Edit: Siwus Tank for Xerion Modell: Siwus Textur: Siwus Script: Outlaw and Siwus Zunhammer Tank Tank – Siwus Script –...


CLAAS Xerion Saddle Trac

Description: Xerion: Modell: Mev01 Script: Mev01, Sprayer Mod Original: LUKIBOY, Siwus Edit: IMBTU Edit in ls11: Sergey54rus Kaweco: Modder: Mev01 Textur: Mev01 Umbau auf 09: Meisto Edit of new fruit typs: Larry Edit in...