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Sample Mod Map 2 Final Edition

GIANTS Sample Mod Map. Edit by Metsavend. Scripts and potato/sugarbeet mod by Wernesgrüner. Buying for vegetables by -NewHolland-. Buying for silo and liquid manure by Manuel. BaleShredder by sprengi. Other Buildings and objects by...


Tufty Farm

Sample Mod Map – Giants Software Model: Psyko / Noppi Texture: Psyko Ingame: Psyko / Fruktor Script: Fruktor/Sven18Koehler Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/135168474/b2d626e/TuftyFarm_unzipMe.zip.html


Croatian village

Description: GIANTS Software GmbH for Sample Mod Map – Model: Saschii, Texture: Saschii, Ingame: Börndi for Small Cowshed (the cows I used) – Model: MoritzA, Texture: MoritzA, InGame/convertion: Börndi for a Halle Scheune –...