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Seasons Mod

WELL, Here is the HIGHLY SECRET PROJECT that the scripters of AE have been workin for awhile!! We have created a seasons script, this mod will start in spring(planting season) go into summer (watch...


Valtra S352 V1.1

This is the Valtra S352. Original model from XarioN and ValtraN111. Used specis: AttacherSetRpm Gear (which is basically a handbrake) manualIgnition (NUMPAD enter) Wheeldirt The tractor runs about 60km/h and pulls quite good! All...


Valtra Valmet 8450 Hi-Tech (MP)

Description: Model: XarioN {Front Mudguards By: ValtraN111} Textures: Azceli, ValtraN111, XarioN Ingame: XarioN Mod is on Fendt 718, by Stefan Thanks For All Scripters! Download: Valtra Valmet 8450 Hi-Tech (MP) [Hotfile.com] Download: Valtra Valmet...