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Farming Fun Map

Welcome to the Fun Map, where Farming went mad! Farmers are hard workers, and hard workers need to play hard. That’s why the LS-UK Modteam brings you: The Fun Map. Here, you can have...


Komatsu 960E-1

Now we are going BIG. Over 15 meters long, almost 9 meters wide and over 7 meters high – not bad. Cockpit is from my own imagination, I weren’t able to find any pictures...


Deutz DX 160 with FL

This is again the Dx 160 from me. Was fixed since the v4 Beta: Bleipt drivers no longer sit in the booth who gets out to And steering wheel turns with now. Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/132221181/66922e9/DeutzDX160mitFL.rar.html