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CAT 966 H V 2.0

Description – Tire dust – Washable / dirtskin – Rearview – Steering lock – ESLimiter – OpHours The following fruits can now be loaded: – Potatoes – Sugar beet – grass – straw –...


(MC Modding) Peeneland

MC is a modding relaese the Peeneland_final available. Installed are: Yard with Abaldestellen Grain farming Drying plant with straw bales and trigger Feed plant farmer cooperative trading Livestock barns with pasture Stud Sugar Factory...


Small Farm

Credits Giants Software GMBH Map – Showgunn84 Sugar beet silo – dodo27, Strip Light-dlfarm Milk Mod – Acer Mud-Senator203 Silage Berg-johan12,fendtfan1996 alias fendtfan96 FL attacthments storager – Model: Silvoking, Texture: Silvoking, Convert: Marcus HQ...