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John Deere 7810 EDIT fix v1.2

Original Authors: – Templaer und Wohlstandskind Additional Authors: – Russ (www.ls-uk.info) – Converted mod to FS 2011 and added additional functionality – Sven777b – Beleuchtung v3 – Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding) – ControlPanelAttacher, ESLimiter, InteractiveButtons,...


John Deere 7530P

Model/Texture: Bigfarmer145 Sound: Sevorane In-game: Geri-G Script: Geri-G/Face Edit: DaleC Testing: JonnyDeere, Danthefarmerboy, David-96, Tomo23 & HaaaaryXD Download: http://ul.to/wfcq9ju7


Farndish Map v 1

Welcome to 4 months of work on my map Farndish, this is a high quality map with lots of detail. It is aimed at medium to high range computer systems, the shows are lowered...