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Huerlimann XL130 v 2

Description This is my version 1.1.It Huerlimann XL130 is now with a new dirt skin Washable and has all-wheel specialization. Specializations plus all previous version of 1.It gets dirty after hour.I to hope every...


Buehrer6135A V 1

Description This is the original giants Buehrer6135A (clean version)with 1-AllradV4.lua 2-selectable.lua (you can on & off AllradV4 when trailler is coupled) NB: No log errors Credits: Dajoun tunisia


Grass Collector V 1

Description This is a grass collector. It is intended for rear mounting on Buehrer 6135, because this is a launch vehicle. The grass collector is used for the automatic collection of the cut material...