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John Deere 7800 Forager Pack

ESLimiter-(Pageup and Pagedn) OperatingHours-(Hours on the Forager) WheelDirtSpecialization-(Creates Tire Tracks) WheelParticle-(Creates Dust) Washable-(Now Gets Drity) BeleuchtungV31-(Now Has working brake,turn,warning,independent worklights) ExhaustParticleSystem-(Creates Extra Smoke From Exaust) LEDLightbarV2-(Key Home) New-Sound New-Skin New-Wheels (Also in the pack...


FENDT 933 Vario ProfiPlus

Credits: Fendt 933 Vario Profi Plus v2 Modell: Giants, Smety Textur: Giants, Smety Script: Smety motorized steerable hirable aiTractor ESLimiter operatingHours greenstar ak_InfoPanel powerShaftAttacher beleuchtung wheelHydraulic moveAttacher wheelParticleSpec rotation Autopilot Odometer MatbromanualIgnition WheelDirtSpecialization Duels2...