“NOTICE” If your looking for a map that doesn’t have any errors than you need to look aomewhere else.
Now the map is about a Balddy cattle operation and farming in the USA. You have to feed lots one at the farm and the other is straight east of the farm. The feeding troughs takes grass, chaff, alfalfa and clover. The one east takes the same but you dump on the ground in front of the cows. There is also at the feedlots you feed bales and you can water. You can also haul cows to salebarn on route 66 that runs straight thru town. You have one sale dump in town and the others is at the sw and se corners you have the farmers market where you sale you veg. and you also have a tobacco house to sell tobacco, yes thats right tobacco. You can sell the peanut at the sell barn and the farmers market. the silos for the vegs is at the south end of the map. You have 28 fruits in this map if not maystaken,you have the same as the last map plus. honeymelon, greenwheat,tobacco, peanut, gelbbo,gruenbo, pea milo sorghum, rye, to name some. Have fun.
Rinderzucht Stall Modell: Google Sketchup Konvertiert und cows only from the stall – Modiviziert By. : Sunsh1ne, Big-M-Lord, Frank Cadillac
earnvale by andrew stanford
fuel tank by Sandgroper
jama corn silio by model Maca script Giants technical asistent Defender
mail boxes sugarbeets, carrot, watermelon, potatoes pumkin and the other silos for veg. by dodo27
manurebelt+liquidManurehose by janlandby
Mistladeband_V2 by Idee: Fendt-Trisix Modell: Chan textur: Chan Konvertiert: Chan
sheds by Sandgroper
bale ring by Deutz Fahr UK
Potato cistern by bennieboy53
Westfalia surge milking robot by langedraak
Unloading by bitten
American dairy barn by Axel of Sweden
Farm-tank system with two tanks by bjorn-ls
Giants dairy reskin be jb3pc4sale
fence by Sandgrope
map builder by jb3o4sale
sorghum by textures by matthewm2012 sorghum files by slopoke7166 sorghum fruit mod by jb3pc4sale
cowshed by cacamania
silage Pit Commodity_v2.5 by Sniper214
Peanut fuit by jb3pc4sale
tobacco fruit by jb3pc4sale
alfalfa fruit by jb3pc4sale
corn fruit by jb3pc4sale
clover(luzerene) texture ? remamed by jb3pc4sale
Milo fruit (sorghum) finaled edited by jb3pc4sale


What this mod gives to you

Farming Simulator 2019 mods are unique improvements in the gameplay. They allow you to translate into reality something you previously only dreamed of. Get the most out of the game. Farming Simulator 17 Mod is pretty simple to install, download the file to your computer and run it. Each FS 17 mod will give you improvements, so select the category you like and add the mod to your version. Installing the add-on does not take much time, and you will continue to enjoy the game for a long time.

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