A taste of Ireland!

Hello everyone.
well this is the 2nd map by ‘DJR MAPPING’.
its irish based as you all know from the w.i.p topic!
but not based on anywhere in ireland.
its a small map but still big enough to have a good mp game with it!
there is no pda as i cant add one and to be honest you dont need 1
there is a loop road with working traffic and fields around it.
the farm is up a lane from the main road.
you sell your bales were the cattle are in the shed!
get your fertilizer and seed at the side of the silage pit!
sell your crops at the barley heap!
lift your dung at either the heap or go into the cattle pen by opening the gate and getting it there!
i didnt put bga pits in the map because some people said that they had problems with all the triggers.
the map works perfectly on mp everything works!
your newly bought vehicles will spawn in the cow meadow!
so its just beside your farm!
you need this trigger in order to open your gates!
there is a dung midden in the field beside the mountain ruin.
(its a place were there is no grass in the middle of a field were u can tip your dung!)
the i3d size is:7mb i think.

ls-uk modteam, caverak uk, newmanls, russ, FMC MODDING, wiliam, giants, dalec, bjorny, farmercal96.


What this mod gives to you

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