Bauer Built DB44 v 2.0 [mp]

Bauer Built DB44 24 row corn forward folding seeder
This seeder also cultivates the ground at the same time.
Can be filled using the normal seed triggers.
An excellent model that takes some time to get used to. Following is a rough guide on how to get it to work.
Please Note: You will need a good sized tractor that has a good sized front weight.
To prepare the seeder for transport:
Press KP5 to lower the Transport Wheels, press again when they are fully lowered;
Press KP6 to raise the rear attacher to the top;
Press X to lift the Auxiliary Wheels. The seeder is now ready for transport.
To start seeding:
Press KP8 to raise the Transport Wheels, when they are halfway up press KP8 again;
Press X to lower the Auxiliary Wheels;
Press KP4 to lower the rear attacher;
Press K to unlock the arms;
Press N to unfold the arms;
Press KP8 to raise the Transport Wheels when the arms are fully unfolded, press again when fully raised;
Press M to move the Transport Wheels forward;
Press KP7 or KP9 to lower the desired Marker Arm;
Press B to start the seeder and raise the Auxiliary Wheels;
Start moving the tractor as normal.
All credit for this excellent model goes to XYZSpain
Napalm for an exellent description
x3mperformance for the BB DB44 JD skin.
Re-skin with approval from zyxspain.


What this mod gives to you

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