Cibieshire 2012 V2

Welcome to Cibieshire 2012 V2
So what’s new?
Well after listening to the feedback from the original release i have been busy reworking my map to correct a few issue’s members were reporting to me.
1. i have learnt myself to make a PDA so now with working PDA (Major headache).
2. i have added an extra sell point in the main yard (to the left of the maize pit) were you can sell ALL the seed from the silo’s and crops of coarse.
3.i have changed every single item’s clip distance on this map to improve the running of it on laptops and weak PC’s, it took forever but well worth the time the difference it has made on my old PC is magic.
so there you go hope this extra work will be use full to a lot of you and thank you for the very nice feedback and comments i got from Cibieshire V1.
Crops Maize/Grass/Wheat/Barley…. NO Rape….repeat NO Rape.
This map has been build for farmers who like to test there driving skills and not all about out right speed.
it is made up of a number of bumpy narrow back lanes and tight gate ways needing a steady driving style.
most fields surrounding the farm are small to medium in size but you will find a number of large to very large fields on the out skirts designed for a long haul with your pals in MP.
the only place to sell your grains is the brewery close to the center of the map, all other info can be seen in the video attached.
i hope you all have many hours of fun using this map as i did making it.
Map i3D size 13.3mb

Map made by me Cibie01.
Giants for the original map i built on.
Andrew Stanford for the excellent shed.
pit, Liamnh8560,JD6410,JD6820.
Stone Walls William 7530.
Help and advice from
Leicestershire farmer
Dave Boughen
and the master mapper ASTON (top man)
and finaly big thanks to my chief tester and friend Hardouz.

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