Ford 555 V1

This is a ford 555 center pivot backhoe. It has about 75 h.p. and uses the standard buckets from FS11 and the Albutt loader attachments by the ls-uk modteam.
V1.0 Features:
– Mouse controlled front loader with standard frontloader and telehandler type attachers
– Key controlled back actor
– Opening left door
– Opening rear window (toggle visible / invisible)
– Rotating platform (driver seat and camera) for back actor mode operation with wider field of vision
– Working stabiliser jacks
– Not multiplayer compatible (it would require additions to the scripts to make it MP compatible, I have no plans to make it MP compatible as I don’t use it but anyone else is welcome to try)
– 3 skins (see textures folder for the 3 skins folders and modify i3d file to point to the one you want)
– Engine note drops and exhaust emits more smoke when hydraulics are activated  (configurable in JCB_3CX_4WD.xml)
– Full hydraulics animation
– Beacon and worklights
– Manual ignition, variable speed and engine rpm
– Basic buckets for v1.0, Others are working on some attachements and it also works well with all existing buckets in the game. More buckets available for V2.
– Full help info in standard HUD text box. You can toggle the text on/off to save screen space while HUD is active
– No errors generated in the log file.


What this mod gives to you

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