Ford County Super Six Model 1124 v1.1

The firm of County founded in 1929 was based in Fleet, Hampshire, England. The companies full name being County Commercial Cars Ltd. They started by converting Ford trucks from two to three axles, but moved in 1948 to converting Fordson Majors into Crawler Tractors. They progressed to building four equal sized wheel tractor from Ford Units, inventing several different variations and specialist machines along the way. They built over 30,000 machine during the time from 1948 to the early 1980s.
A lil bit of History.:
The firm was founded by brothers Ernest and Percy Tapp, a pair of Former Army officers in WWI. They set up a Meat transfer company to transport supplies from Smithfield market for Ernest’s fathers-in-law’s butchers business. They found the available trucks too small and converted one to twin rear-axle design to allow it to carry 2-tons. In 1929 they set up to convert twin-axle Ford trucks to triple-axles for other people after building their own and running it successfully. Later they built the kits for Ford to convert Lorries at Dagenham. Ford went on to build versions of the Model B and 7V trucks in 6-wheel form from County Kits. During WWII, they supplied kits to convert WOT1 trucks to Sussex specification, with 14,000 being built. A small number of E817T chassis were converted and fitted with winches as anti-aircraft barrage balloon launch trucks. 1957 saw the Thames Trader introduced, and a kit was made for these.
– ESLimiter
– Twin Wheels
– Work Lights
– and some small changes on the Modell
– PowerShaft
– toggle Animated parts

What this mod gives to you

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