Fuhrmann Map Edited v2

This is a reprint of the map Fuhrmann. The topographic map has a
completely flat. Surrounded by mountains with many trees, the vast
cultivated fields of corn, canola, barley and wheat stretch to the map
surrounded by a lush vegetation of trees varied.
Many problems were found and corrected in the original version of the map map name.
I am not satisfied with the map, I did a remake of my taste.

-> New texture (soil and fruits).
-> New time of growth.
-> New BGA by Bullgore (BGA errors were corrected).
-> New COWZOONE – Main Farm with:
-> New cowzone
-> Large garages
-> Station grains:
-> Unloading grain
-> With the grain loading “supersilo” (culture just select and load)
-> Seed loading station
-> Fertilizer Station
-> Station pesticide
-> Home to live!
-> Inventory Manure mat for easy loading
-> Silos of grass and corn silage
-> 7 large sheds for cattle (closed)
-> 2 Bale store
-> New undidade gans of silos, elevators, mill, small farm (original)
-> New Parmalat milk factory (you need to manually collect the milk.
-> New “panel” of trees for long distances

X Removal of many objects of the original map
Decreased map01.i3d x 90MB to 60MB

-> new texture
-> new complex
-> new cowzone
-> bug fixed
-> new PDA

Cultures: wheat, barley, rape, maize, grass.


MAP: fireman1997
Edited by Tiago P.

What this mod gives to you

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