John Deere 8360R Pack v 3

THIS HAS A README or press “0″ in game to get information

fixes since V2:
-fixed missing parking light
-fixed hitch lowering issue with multiple tractors
-added hidable front hitch

-JD 8360R regular and courseplay
wheel pack
-saddle tanks

This is the John Deere 2011 8360R. It is a four wheel drive row crop tractor with 360 HP. It has a realistic price of $336,114.
It uses a realistic top speed of 31 mph, with working speeds between 1 mph and 22.

-buyable and attachable dual wheels, for rear only or for all four wheels.
-Individually addable front weights up to 22 104 lb weights
-Individaully addable rear wheel outer weights: up to 6 450 lb weights, 3 each side.
-Individually addable inner rear wheel weights: 2 1400 lb weights, 1 each side.
Front loader compatable
-controllable moving three point hitch
-Individually controlled lights
-nose: low, high, all
Front Cab: waist, front cab, waist and front cab
Rear Cab: Fenders, Rear cab, fenders and rear cab
-Right and Left Cab: Front, Rear, Both
-Parking lights
-steering script
-warning beacon
turn signals and hazard/four ways
-front hitch
2011 John Deere 8360R
360 HP
18,000 lbs hitch capacity
Front and Wheel weights
Buyable dual
Modder: jrbrown


What this mod gives to you

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