Hello everyone this farm has a nice community I put in a hospital, school, public pool,two shoping centers new houses and a hunting and fishing lodge by the lake for us old guys Ive got four different kinds of roads on this map nice smooth paved, asphalt,and gravel,and some plain old dirt roads this is not a flat map it has hills and valleys so you better like to farm hills you have 3 places to sell your grain the office by the grain bens the old grits mill by the lake and the brewery you have cows and the milk truck runs twice a day you have seeds gas fertilzer and two places to sell your bales you can run traffic or turn it off I been running two traffic packs and no lag on an old emachine this is not a high detailed map I just dont have the paticence to do that kind of stuff but its something new to play for a day or two thats bout it hope you all enjoy Edd.


LSUK.INFO for uploading
Farm house Jellona77 Sisu Polaris
Toy Tractor Peelo
Pool Dodo27
Madmax Toilet Ingolf
Machine Garage MtzJanka
Dilapidated Barn Troll711
Privacy Fence Troll711
Garage Fxgaxi
Trees Vanilleeis Casi
Hot rod garage Peelo
Mobile Trailer Troll711 Lennox
Old Fisherman Leicestershire Farmer Milpol Giants
Fuel pump Google Gineste Cadaveruk Volvot22
Pub Coggie
Construction House Troll711
Dog Cage Devil Revenge
Old Farm Daniel Vijoi GH2010
Triggers Giants Cadaver
McDonalds unkown
General Barn Docoz
Reskin Houses Giants Arig3
John Deere Dealership Troll711 John Deere and
Hen Arks Ford4600fan
Old Farm House Clytha JD8430t Deutz Fahruk

What this mod gives to you

Farming Simulator 2019 mods are unique improvements in the gameplay. They allow you to translate into reality something you previously only dreamed of. Get the most out of the game. Farming Simulator 17 Mod is pretty simple to install, download the file to your computer and run it. Each FS 17 mod will give you improvements, so select the category you like and add the mod to your version. Installing the add-on does not take much time, and you will continue to enjoy the game for a long time.

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