Nellys Park

Hi all!
This is an edit of Higher Hills ( Astons edit!) which basically i have reduced the i3d file, to make it that bit easier to run, and changed the yard. Ive added alot of trees in, 2bga pits, Maunre/Slurry and a grain station
The BGA pits are great and people who love silage should love them. They are ideal for buckraking, and those all important Silage MP games.
I hope you have fun! I hope this thing works for you! and the best of luck
Ive got permision from both Bigman and Aston to release this map
Happy Farming peeps

Buildings – LS-UK Modteam
Roads by Russ
Freelance Modding Crew Gates
Earn Dale Store – Andrew Stanford
Yard Pack – Deutz Fahr UK & MF6160
Speedcamera – Willjsavage
Old Yard – FMC, Slartibartfast,
Road Closed – Matt390t
Bale Stacks – Emils96
Ring Feeder – Deutz FahrUK, DaleC & Slartibartfast
Old Cottage – Griffy


What this mod gives to you

Farming Simulator 2019 mods are unique improvements in the gameplay. They allow you to translate into reality something you previously only dreamed of. Get the most out of the game. Farming Simulator 17 Mod is pretty simple to install, download the file to your computer and run it. Each FS 17 mod will give you improvements, so select the category you like and add the mod to your version. Installing the add-on does not take much time, and you will continue to enjoy the game for a long time.

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