Origins Farm V2

Ok, so here it is as V2! Welcome to the new Origins Farm! I really only had one fix, and that was the fuel trigger at the main farm. It now properly registers and works.
I added in a couple of new silage pits, one for corn, one for grass, at the dairy farm. I also added in a seed stack and trigger inside the barn at the dairy.
The biggest improvements are new, updated and placed, vehicle. The main farm has the larger machinery for the more robust farmers, and some smaller equipment at the dairy.
Also, construction of the BGA is now finished awaiting silage to make the world a little greener!

Do please browse through the readme in the file, and don’t forget the other mods in the pack!
Seeds: Inside the main farm shop/office building, inside the dairy farm shop/office building
Fuel: (FIXED) on the farmyard, north side next to shop/office, next to manure heap pit at the dairy farm
Fertilizer: at the ag dealer; 1) at the ammonia tank 2) under the overhead conveyer, and 3) one down each lane in the chem shed
Liquid manure: under the pipe at the cattle farm connected to the slurrystore
I also added in a pond just to the East of the dairy farm. It does have a sloped lane for the water trailers to fill for use in greenhouses.
A map brought to you by Troleja! Enjoy and have fun, do comment and let me know what you think

What this mod gives to you

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  1. jimmy says:

    this is a very good map. but i would like to see one farm at the cow zone and bale shredder . with one farm at one place it would be easier to run the farm also maybe 12 fields and no static animals. to me static animals take the realism out. i know it took alot of time to do this map and it is well done. overall this map is very good

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