Farming Simulator 2017: facts and expectations

Farming Simulator 2017 release facts and expectations

One of the most important questions for Farming Simulator fans is when the new game version will be introduced. Although company still keeps that as a secret, Farming Simulator 2017 is expected to come in the early autumn of 2016. These guesses are made within the presumptions that new version of FS is being developed every second year. What is even better, some official information was published in well-known agriculture equipment company’s Lely website. It is the confirmation that most of us were waiting. But what is the most important that Lely will be collaborating with the GIANT (Farming Simulator company) and FS17 will be upgraded with the newest Lely machines. This improvement will develop the livestock area and will help to promote it comparing with agriculture. Many players were waiting such kind of upgrade because options to manage livestock farm was quite poor. From now on everyone will be able to try milking with the most professional equipment.

This information actually raises expectations and causes a lot of discussions between the fans. Most of them are happy to hear at least some official information, others are quite critical about the new version. They are satisfied with the current Farming Simulator. Although, we are quite optimistic about the FS17 and look forward to try it as soon as possible. But as it said, we will need to wait and be patent. Hopefully, there will occur more news and information so that we could update the fans and get a better overview of the coming game. Follow our website and get the hottest news about the Farming Simulator 2017!

What this mod gives to you

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