Dear Farmer friends!
It has always bugged me, why are in Goldcrest Valley US flags and none Germany flag.
So did for a simple way wanted to change this and have devised this small change:
German flag . Later requests came after a GDR flag, so I also installed it there.
Unfortunately I was not able to see the Giants Editor insert more than a shelter at the time.
Thus, I could not satisfy various requests for a placeable version.
This situation changes. The company Lizard had pity on us and has some old pipes bent into shape.
I present to you here 3 different flags (USA, Germany, GDR) available. These can be placed.
Giants has not yet invented any icons that make it easy are to go to a place of interest,
therefore had to be installed with a trigger, so that one sees the banner on the PDA and one for roll call
not too late appears 🙂
A positive side effect is that you can sell directly to the flag. Comments that this is unrealistic
is, I ignore, because as “realistic” You deal with it is your business, not mine. One does not see the trigger,
so you can ignore it.
(Who wants to use it, however: the trigger is large enough from each directio
get “tipping” icon. What you can sell them, shows the store image and also the PDA)
This mod may like to be used and extended. A crediting him would be nice.
Greeting VarusXX


What this mod gives to you

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