Papenburg meets Ammerland v1.0

So dear Ls municipality it is again so far, a new map from my house holding detail in Ls 17.
This time, it is a mixed map which shows 2 authentic parts of the region. Once the half of the map from a part Papenburger Map and a part from the Ammerland, more precisely north of Oldenburg something east of Borbeck.
The whole was actually built during the building on request of my faithful Ls companion jan Aden who gladly wanted to get a part of this area reconstructed to realize a video project on it. Shortly, I had considered why not combine both. And so the map arose.
So much for that.
You can find a small teaser for the videoprojekt in the videos.

Conception and planning:
Jimkerk and Epicfarming (Jan Aden)
Implementation and construction:
Tests and video gameplay:
Jimkerk, Henning Mahler, Epicfarming,
LPG Sauerland,
Pill, toilet paper18
a big thank you!!!
As shown in Fig.

Standard map with standard fruit varieties.
Large farm with cows and pigs incl. Biogas plant.
24 Arable farming and several showed in various sizes with ditches.
Different economic buildings.
Lu hof incl sheep
7 freiland silos with different sizes of c.a 600m3-4500m3 liters and a combined driving silo with approx. 24000m3
Literary capacity
Chickens in the neighboring

Additionally in the PC version still the Slowsaw by slowtide63

In the console version (release a little later)
The space remains free for placable buildings!

Naja the usual halt … all Ls 17 features

Multi and Dediserver Ready
Recommended Mods:


Bakted errors:
3 log entries to silo articles I could not fix up to now.
Have no negative influence on the game
The map may not be reproduced, I will not be reproduced without my permission, in other forums or hostels.

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Mapa nie moze bez moje zgody wstawiania byc na inne strony lub fora.

Karta se ne smije, ja ne ponavljam, bez moje dozvole, biti u drugim forumima ili hosters raspolaganju.

A térkép nem, ismétlem nem, az engedélyem nélkül, tenni más fórumokon vagy Hoszterek elérhet

Konzeption und Planung:
Jimkerk und Epicfarming(Jan Aden)
Umsetzung und Bau:
Tests und Video Gameplay:
Jimkerk,Henning Mahler,Epicfarming,
LPG Sauerland,
Verschiedene gebäude von verschiedenen Erstllern
Vielen Dank dafür
Sägewerk-slowsaw : slowtide63

What this mod gives to you

Farming Simulator 2019 mods are unique improvements in the gameplay. They allow you to translate into reality something you previously only dreamed of. Get the most out of the game. Farming Simulator 17 Mod is pretty simple to install, download the file to your computer and run it. Each FS 17 mod will give you improvements, so select the category you like and add the mod to your version. Installing the add-on does not take much time, and you will continue to enjoy the game for a long time.

Size: 3.1 MB

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