Snow for the Farming Simulator 2017

Description: Are you looking to to add snow to your game
well then look no further. I have edited the game files to
make it seem like it has snowed on Goldcreast Valley
and Sosnovka.

How to add snow to FS17:

  1. Extract
  2. copy and paste the data folder from the Farming Simulator 17 Snow Edition folder to your farming simulator 17 location. (example:Steam\steamapps\common\Farming Simulator 17)
  3. Make sure to make a back up of your files so you can go back
    to normal textures. If you don’t want to make a back up or maybe
    forgot to don’t worry you can verify integrity of game cache by right
    clicking on the game in your steam library then click properties
    next click local files lastly click verify integrity of game cache and
    you will be back to normal textures.

*Your free to use my textures for creating your
own map I only ask that you credit me for the textures.

**I want to change the to
snow but I can’t open it. Everytime I try to it says
“Invalid compression format” I’m using GIMP 2.
Until I can change that I will be leaving the feild
textures the same. If anyone can help me open or change
the file it would help out alot.

snow-edition-texture-pack-v-1-0-fs-17-4 snow-edition-texture-pack-v-1-0-fs-17-3 snow-edition-texture-pack-v-1-0-fs-17-2 snow-edition-texture-pack-v-1-0-fs-17-1

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