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VW LT 45

The LT shall undertake the following types of fruit wheat maize barley grass sunflower rape sugarbeet betterave carrot potato spinach sand blum red cabbage cabbage cabbage white pea soybean rice gelbbo gruenbo savoy cabbage...


SCHMITZ SKI 50 v 1.0

A new model of Thonar SCHMITZ! Lifting capacity 50000 kg! Reinforced frame and two cylinders of BOSCH do the trick nicely! MULTIFRUIT: wheat rape maize barley chaff potato manure beachSand blumkohl carrot erbsen gelbbo...


Gross BauernMap v1

Auf der GrossBauernMap 2012 Version 01 gibt es folgende Früchte : wheat ,barley ,rape ,maize ,grass ,betterave ,carrot ,mohn ,erbse ,greenwheat ,pea ,salat ,erdbeeren ,lauchzwiebel ,schnittlauch ,dryGrass ,oat ,rye ,sunflower ,cotton ,potato ,ananas ,tee...