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Herbst trailer mod

Description Machine transport trailer. When you drive a tratcor and other vechils on the trailer it will automatic look the vechil. Credits Model: VWFahrer80 Texture: VWFahrer80 LS 011 ready by Spider100 lockdown script: Geri-G...


Mammoet crane V

Modell: Umbau: Mod-for-all (pcspast) Ursprungs Modell: Gallerie Textur:mrgrisu Ingame:Mod-for-all Funktionen:Mod-for-all Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?3e1aesylry22lzw http://www.sendspace.com/file/b6sb77


Weimar crane T 174-2

Sun here rnun the improved version, the old con me … well … Now I’ve changed the skinn the rim a little, just as you would in a real all worked through the years...


Truck with crane including pliers

Modell:??? (bitte melden) Umbau: pcspast und mod-for-all Skin: pcspast und mod-for-all Funktionen: pcspast und mod-for-all Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/135527385/347a005/Bitte_Entpacken_LKW_kommunal.rar.html


Valmet 903

Description: Valmet modell: Opelman Crane & cage models: Venom Wheels: Azceli Scripts: Zippo Download: Valmet 903 [Hotfile.com] Download: Valmet 903 [Uploading.com]