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Transall V2 (airplane)

Hi, this is the V2 of the Transall, now with new gear and propellers animirten … (Yes, you can fly it)! (now with speed information)! control: Key 8: propeller turn on / off Numpad...


Cat TH407

Cat TH407 he controls are whit the numpad. up/down = 7/4 tip/back = 8/5 extra arm = 9/6 it only accepts “frontloader” tools!! Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/135718848/74b1bc9/Cat.zip.html  


Valtra S352 V1.1

This is the Valtra S352. Original model from XarioN and ValtraN111. Used specis: AttacherSetRpm Gear (which is basically a handbrake) manualIgnition (NUMPAD enter) Wheeldirt The tractor runs about 60km/h and pulls quite good! All...